I am not a jock. 

I was never hoisted onto teammate’s shoulders after banking the game winning basket.  I have never had the glory of running through a ribbon at the finish line.  And, there was never a shelf in my parent’s home adorning congratulatory trophies. 

Yet, I somehow managed to end up working at the most famous sports hub in the world. I am in the land of jocks. 

At the worldwide leader, I roam the hallways with recognizable names in the sports business. I exchange morning pleasantries with men wearing Super Bowl rings. And, I eat at lunch tables across from retired professional athletes.

Without a doubt, I am among the athletically gifted.   

And then, there is me. 

At work, I will not be the one rattling off some player’s obscurely impressive statistics for the season. But, I am definitely not the girl in the office March Madness bracket picking teams with “the pretty uniform colors.”

So, here I am as someone in between.  The girl in high school wiping out on the hurdles at her first track and field meet who would eventually go on to race the World’s Fastest Man.




A small fish in a big pond can most accurately describe my very first high school track meet as an overly confident freshman. Coming off a running high from my middle school track days, my freshman brain did not fully comprehend the intense level of competition from the upperclassmen.  Or perhaps it was my hubris that ultimately left me with pebble indented knees and a story to tell.

Training for weeks for mid-distance races, I was fully prepared for my heat in the 800m race. But, plans had changed. Coach needed a runner for the hurdle sprint which was to kick off the inaugural track meet.  Given the tap on the shoulder to line up, my younger naïve self didn’t think twice about it. I had never in my life once attempted to leap over a hurdle, yet I was strangely confident I could do it. How hard could it be?  I lined up with the other racers, in hindsight all of whom had more experience than myself, and waited for the gun.  My whole family looking on from the bleachers with, what I can only assume, were confused faces.

The confused faces turned to gasps as I approached the first hurdle and completely miscalculated, well, everything about the situation which resulted in completely wiping out on the very first hurdle, of the very first race, of my very first high school track meet.  

The dead silence spoke loud enough.  Sure, my ego was shattered but the physical pain was causing tears my mental state could not control.  So, I did the only thing an embarrassed freshman would do at that point. Pretend it wasn’t as bad as it looked and finish the rest of the hurdles which, of course, was all of them.

Glimpsing into my teenage years was not to begin a subtle sermon on conquering life’s tough moments nor turn it into a lecture on “getting back up when you fall.”  It serves as the catalyst for the most grandiose race of my life. My foray into competitive running may have seemed hopeless after that first meet; but years later I would race Usain Bolt, the phenomenon known as the World’s Fastest Man…


It was an I-can’t-believe-you-did-that-moment in my life.  The world-famous athlete came to shoot a segment for one of our episodes and the producers needed a gimmick to create compelling television. Many meetings later, it was decided to have “regular people” compete in a sprint race against the Jamaican Lightning Bolt known as Usain.

So that led to the moment pictured above. 

He was a five time world champion title holder with multiple Olympic gold medals; and here was a girl who face planted during her track event about to begin a footrace against the fastest man in the world.

No surprise, I lost.  




So, welcome to my blog.  From the chaotic control rooms and the dark edit bays, I bring the biggest (and sometimes strangest) sports headlines to television sets across the globe. Along with the jocks, I create the highlights you see on … well, I am not going to name drop… but chances are your husband’s ringtone is one of our theme songs.

This blog will bring some of those biggest and strangest headlines from a female’s perspective.  It will be more than what appeared on the scoreboard at the end of the game.  It will surpass the scoreboard. It will be a female’s opinion and reaction to what is going on in the wide world of sports.