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Throughout the semester this blog has been about more than just sports; Surpassing the Scoreboard has been about people. It is the human interest aspect that makes the world of sports so compelling. From a crying quarterback to a gay athlete changing the outlook of sexuality in sports, there is no doubt sports are definitely more than what appears on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

For my last post, I want to continue writing about individuals. Actually about one individual in particular. Myself.

Some people say talking about oneself is hard. I have never had that problem. However, I find writing about myself on a public internet forum to be very hard, daunting, and a tad scary. 

So, who is the real Quinn Student?

Quinn will wear sneakers one minute, then high heels the next.

I will discuss Aaron Rodger’s fantasy value with guy friends, Michelle Obama’s new bangs with girlfriends.

Sunday mornings I am sitting at mass in church; Sunday afternoons I will be surrounded by football, football, football.

During a baseball outing, I’ll be riveted during the 2nd inning. During the 3rd, I’m playing Words with Friends on my iPhone. Come 9th, I’ll again be riveted.

At all times you will discover in the trunk of my car: my tennis racket, volleyball, boogie board, bocce balls, badminton set, and basketball. All this, next to my emergency manicure kit. {You just never know when your nails will need sprucing up.}

So those may not be the most altering of confessions. But they do make up an accurate portrayal of Quinn.  Beyond the realm of sports, Quinn Student is… 

…not afraid of failure.  It happens to everyone. I am accepting of it when it does happen. However, that does not make it any easier when it does.  I have high hopes of becoming a head Producer on a show, yet thus far, my efforts have fallen short. Strong attempts have been put forward but it seems no one wants to take a chance on a young twenty-something. Attempting with no results is tough to accept. And even tougher to admit in writing.

…willing to put in the hard work. As much as I hate to make a stereotype, when I say I work in a boys’ club, it is not an exaggeration. I first started my job seven years ago and there were not many young women on each crew. Many of the men directors had a hard time trusting the women to complete technical tasks as well, and as quickly, as the guys. I can remember many nights of clear doubt from directors who were waiting for me to “prove” myself. And, you know what? Trust and respect were earned over time, as well as multiple crew requests for me.

…worries about the future, yet somehow still has a calming assurance it will all work out in the end. How’s that for the ultimate oxymoron? It can be an unsettling feeling to not know what my next job will be, when I will get it, and where it will be located. Even with so many uncertainties, I have complete faith I am heading in the direction I am meant to… all while rockin’ my beloved footwear.