A big headline in sports this week is the firing of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice for physically and verbally abusing his players. Video footage has been broadcasted showcasing his violent behavior during practices from seasons dating back to 2010. The video has gone viral this week; and Rice can be see aggressively shoving players, yelling homophobic slurs, and hurling basketballs at players. Anyone who watched the video can see how extreme the actions really were. Ex-coach Mike Rice had crossed the line.

But where is that line?

In sports, tempers often flare in the heat of the moment. Coaches raise their voice to get their point across. “In-your-face” tactics are very common during practices and games. But is that even acceptable?

It is hard for me to watch coaches get red in the face while a player stands there and takes it. A player performing poorly is no excuse for harsh repercussions. I think this is especially true for young players. Children in high school or middle school should not be subjected to that kind of treatment. I have seen high school coaches get very heated and treat players without respect. This needs to stop and I am glad people are speaking out. Maybe with enough press attention, coaches will tone down their aggressive behaviors towards their players. Or at least start to.