{Searching the internet to find the results of this yearly challenge is difficult. Unless you know the actual wager that took place, Google results don’t yield too much information about this challenge. There is a great need for this list on Wikipedia. There is no reference to the betting & public stunts that the show does every year in Wikipedia. Nor is there any information on the actual Mike & Mike in the Morning Wiki page. There is a section that describes what “Sheets of Integrity” means but it doesn’t have the Challenge. The Challenge is a huge event for the show every year, so I am surprised this Wiki page doesn’t include it. So I chose to expand on an existing Wiki page to make it better as well as make a chart of the results. I think my contribution is substantial and very important to the show’s identity. }

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As part of the annual March Madness “Sheets of Integrity” {see entry above}  bracket debate, the two morning talk show hosts compete against each other to see who fills out the better bracket at the completion of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.  The Mike & Mike in the Morning duo place a bet on the outcome of their bracket rivalry.   The host with the losing bracket has to “pay-off” the debt with a predetermined public stunt.

The March Madness challenge is a yearly event that started in 2004.  “This contest has been our signature, annual event for a long time*,” Greenberg has said.   By the year 2013, the hosts of the same name are fairly equal in regards to wins and losses.

 Results as a JPG




*Source: http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2012/03/sheets-of-integrity-wager-runner-up-will-dance-with-the-stars/