The permanence factor of first blog posts… should I be worried?

Nowadays, the internet is not a forgiving place.  Any mistake, misstep, or misstatement will be forever here for anyone (and everyone) to read. Even events that do not originate in the cyber world will be documented in this arena and eventually become just another media sensation cached in this huge virtual storage space.  

Evidenced by the overexposure, I’m sure Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong wish they could find that magical internet reset button. The embarrassment attached to each of their names is guaranteed to blow over quicker than a response text from one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses….

quicker than Alex Rodriguez’s denial of his alleged steroid use,

quicker than the New Orleans Saints’ collection of “bounties,”

…and certainly quicker than the attempted escape from any dog making eye contact with Michael Vick. 

Oh, you had momentarily forgotten about these scandals?  Don’t worry, let the trusty internet vault remind you.  As I was saying, the public embarrassment for all of these and countless others won’t last forever; but the unfortunate internet legacy will be everlasting.

True, these moments that once captivated the media’s attention and provided fodder for small talk among coworkers are now considered scandals of the past.  However, the detailed accounts of each will never just be part of the past as they have become permanent fixtures in sports history.  Thank you, Google.

With the aid of the internet, nothing from this point will ever be forgotten.

With that, the goal of this blog is to never write something that I will want to be forgotten.